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Release Coming Soon!

It has been slow timing for an initial release of MoPuTTY. This is because I want to make sure that all major kinks I can think of are out. I know that is the reason folks have testing phases and one of the nice things of peer review in open source, however there are some somewhat glaring issues that I want to finish off. Be sure that the first release will be as close to fully-functional as can be. Sessions management, tab manipulation, the whole nine. I'm setting a deadline of August 15th at midnight PST.

PuTTY Makes This Possible

Without the PuTTY telnet/SSH client, MoPuTTY wouldn't exist. Not only is putty a prerequisite for being able to use MoPuTTY, it is also a nice, speedy piece of software. Please, take a look at this if you are in need of a strong telnet/SSH client. Not only will it add a great utility to your toolbox but it will help validate the existance of this project. :)

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